MWC's ability to provide scalable CLM solutions has proven to be extremely critical for the success of the varied projects that we have been engaged on.  While many vendors may be able to install CLM tools, in reality, most know very little about building out a total end to end enterprise level CLM solution.  MWC has built a reputation over the years, specializing in Enterprise Level CLM support that also instantiates the Enterprise CMMI process methodologies.  Having an IT group that maintains tools is not adequate for project success. MWC has demonstrated within SPAWAR that projects that have an ongoing direct CLM support, men to ring, and training are significantly more likely to excel and be successful.

MWC specializes in designing, implementing, and maintaining end to end SDLC solutions that provide for:

  • Process Management
  • Requirements Development
  • Requirements Management
  • Provide Test and Evaluation support
  • Provide Risk Management support
  • Quality Assurance Support
  • Change Management
  • Defect Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Build Management
  • Release Management

As a premier level IBM business partner, MWC specializes in the IBM Rational and Jazz tool suites; however, we are not limited to only IBM solutions.

MWC provides certified systems professionals in the following IBM Rational Tools:

  • Clear Case
  • Clear Quest
  • Requisite Pro
  • Team Concert
  • Quality Manager


  • Requirements Composer
  • Doors 9.5
  • Doors Next Gen.
  • Functional Tester
  • Performance Tester

As software delivery organizations expand globally and are confronted with compressed time frames and cost constraints, software development and testing becomes increasingly complex.  The increased complexity can be addressed by employing software configuration management (SCM) tools and processes.  The MWC SCM solutions help development teams capture, control and securely manage software changes and assets throughout the software delivery life cycle.

The MWC SCM solutions are capable of:

  • Managing and protecting software assets (design models, source code, test cases, documentation)
  • Providing a stable development environment
  • Managing change throughout the development life cycle
  • Managing configurations and versions of a software release
  • Maintaining traceability and scalability

MWC has provided CM support to several Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) and FBI programs and projects including:

  • USMC Combat Operations Center (COC)
  • USMC Digital Integration Facility (DIF)
  • Tactical Service Oriented Architecture (TSOA)
  • Joint Tactical Common Operating Picture Workstation (JTCW)
  • FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) 

Provide Sophisticated and Secure Version Control
MWC SCM consulting and software solutions enables clients to manage and control source code, libraries, documentation, binaries, web artifacts and any other project artifact that can be represented as digital content.  MWC solutions are also used to control visioning for directories, subdirectories and all file system objects.  Developers can see the version, branch and file they are working on by viewing the version tree; SCM also allows the developers to delete previous versions, create and delete branches, list version histories and compare and merge versions. MWC SCM solution provides a robust centralized repository where development assets are captured and versioned securely.

MWC SCM solutions provide access control helps ensure that only authorized individuals make changes.  User authentication is performed through operating system authentication mechanisms or through industry-standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), so you always know who is accessing the repository.  Support for user-based and group-based permissions limits access to files and directories while user-based locks are available on software objects (branches, labels, elements and Meta data).

Develop in Parallel
Configuring and providing extensive support for parallel development, MWC SCM solutions help developers resolve conflicts, reduce confusion and work on the same code base or release.  Parallel development also allows you to fund multiple projects simultaneously, and determine how to release each project depending on when it is complete.  Automatic file-branching functionality isolates specific changes or versions, allowing multiple developers on the same and different teams to work independently from the same code base.  Development and integration stream models define how and when developers deliver code changes.  Using its merging and differencing capabilities, the software accepts uncontested changes and highlights conflicting changes for faster resolution.

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