From the early stages of elicitation through validation, negotiation and documentation, the MWC Requirements team analyzes the relationship between people, processes and products to create a comprehensive set of artifacts that utilize Project Management Institute (PMI), International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) methodologies.     

MWC uses IBM Rational Requisite Pro (ReqPro), Rational Requirements Composer (RRC), DOORS and DOORS Next Generation to manage requirement attributes, baselines, bidirectional traceability and change control.  These tools store information in a way that provides customized views that assist stakeholders in the decision-making process at various stages of the project life cycle, ensuring that solutions meet the client's level of need.

MWC has implemented successful Requirements Development (RD) systems infrastructure for PG-11 and PM-AAA projects (USMC Combat Operations Center (COC), Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) C2 Systems and Applications (MC2SA) and Marine Personnel Carrier).  This RD infrastructure has provided an organized requirements development process that is effective in translating  War fighter needs, expectations, constraints and interfaces into documented system capabilities and  requirements.

The requirements development infrastructure addresses three specific practices:

  • Development of War fighter requirements
  • Development of product requirements
  • Analysis and validation of requirements


MWC has coordinated its work efforts with Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC) and Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), who are responsible for initial development of War fighter and product requirements. MWC worked with SSC-LANT management to assist with the analysis and validation of War fighter requirements and coordinate with the developers and integrators in defining overall system and product specific requirements.
MWC has also provided for the integration of ReqPro with the Marine Corps Community of Interest (MCCOI) Clear Quest repository.

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